Creating a Slurm/MPI/Lustre HPC cluster with Azure CycleCloud

I recently had the immense pleasure to work on a project with Astrophysicists at ICRAR in Perth. These folks need some serious compute power to massage the ocean of data that their telescopes produce. Normally this type of analysis is a first-class application for supercomputing centers, however, supercomputing centers are... [Read More]

Unknown Document Types in Microsoft Academic Graph

In a previous post I looked at document types in Microsoft Academic Graph (MAG), partially just to tinker with Databricks and U-SQL. Surprisingly, at least to me, a lot of documents in MAG are of unknown type. This is also plainly visible from the MAG publication website: [Read More]

ARM Templates and Default Values

Azure Quickstart Templates offer a convenient way of provisioning resources on Azure using community maintained templates. Today I played with the Simple Ubuntu Linux VM template and deployed it by using both, the Azure Portal and the CLI. [Read More]