Exploring Azure AutoML with Genomics Data

For an upcoming workshop I was looking for an interesting mix of genomics and machine learning to show off Azure capabilities. My MS Genomics colleague Erdal Cosgun recently showed me his workshop material, which uses MS Genomics to predict variants and Azure Machine Learning Studio to predict (fake) phenotypes for... [Read More]

Creating a Slurm/MPI/Lustre HPC cluster with Azure CycleCloud

I recently had the immense pleasure to work on a project with Astrophysicists at ICRAR in Perth. These folks need some serious compute power to massage the ocean of data that their telescopes produce. Normally this type of analysis is a first-class application for supercomputing centers, however, supercomputing centers are... [Read More]

Unknown Document Types in Microsoft Academic Graph

In a previous post I looked at document types in Microsoft Academic Graph (MAG), partially just to tinker with Databricks and U-SQL. Surprisingly, at least to me, a lot of documents in MAG are of unknown type. This is also plainly visible from the MAG publication website: [Read More]